Bug & Fixes

We will examine your SEO and find bugs which are slowing your SEO Campaign

Sometimes the campaign is ruined by accidentally not following best practices. Our team of skilled SEO experts like SEO Prolabs can fix these bugs easily.
Keyword Disaster
Many people overcrowd their website with a popular keyword. Addition of Keywords is like salt in food; you need an expert to add the exact amount for taste.
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Improper Indexes of Pages
Search Engine rank’s pages which its bots can see. A lot of people don’t index all their pages or index the wrong page. These issues hurt your website.
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Website Speed
Search Engine ranks your website on a lot of factors, including site speed. The faster a site, the better is its user experience.
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Duplicate Content
Almost 1/3 of websites have duplicate content. The user’s perception of your website declines and forces the Search engine to downrank your website.
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Title Tags
Common tags issue are Duplicate title tags, Overly long or overly short title tags, or Missing title tag. This can convey wrong description of your website.
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Inferior Mobile website
The majority of People surf the internet using their phone. Thus, an inferior Mobile website can hamper your website reputation.

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